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Serving the People of Fulton County, District 5

We currently have 5 Commissioners that live in Atlanta, 2 Commissioners that live in North Fulton, and NO current Commissioners that live in South Fulton County. Please VOTE to give South Fulton a seat at the table by voting for the ONLY SOUTH FULTON CANDIDATE, Robert H. Kelly!!!


With the redrawing of the County maps due to redistricting, South Fulton county which was once part of the Mighty 6 District, has now become part of Fulton County District 5. I am running to ensure that all of the citizens of South Fulton county continue to receive the high level of service and advocacy experienced under the late Commissioner Emma I. Darnell and most recently, Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman; both Commissioners under who I have served as the highest level staff member.

When elected, Robert H. Kelly will be one of the YOUNGEST and MOST QUALIFIED (JD, MPA, MA, CPM) County Commissioners in Georgia!!!


This past year, I aided in the legislation allowing Fulton County to accept  the American Rescue Plan funds, prioritizing  rental and mortgage assistance.  I also spear-headed the partnership with the Magistrate Court to provide in-Court rental relief services to intercept eviction proceedings . To date, Fulton County has  delivered over $75M in assistance to our families during the COVID crisis. Click below to see how I plan to continue to develop legislation  to support our families. 

Recently,  I advocated at the state and federal level to ensure our cities received their fair share of the $4 billion dollars of federal money to rebuild roads, restore buildings, gain access to broadband, and much more. Click below to see what I will continue to do once elected. 


I spear-headed the development  of the South Fulton Task Force which trains  South Fulton non-profits to be competitive in grant-writing. I also lead several impactful initiatives including the planning of South Fulton's first Youth Athletic Symposium and the Camelot Initiative. Our office  also led the motion for the feasibility study of a senior multi-purpose center in the city of South Fulton. 


With the passing of the American Rescue Plan legislation, small business and non-profits grants/loans were highlighted to ensure that our local "mom and pop" shops that have been in our community for years will continue to  thrive.  I also partnered with several businesses to begin creating  entrepreneur workshops which will educate, support, and fund the start-up of  more local businesses.



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