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South Fulton County Initiatives

Youth Initiative

Studies have shown that disruptive behavior has increased in schools by over 50% nationwide post-pandemic.   This year Robert began spearheading the planning of a Youth Athletic Symposium, partnering with pro and semi-pro athletes, to bring several youth camps to South Fulton where local athletes can showcase their skills.  Robert plans to continue to partner with public and private partners to create additional opportunities for our youth, particularly in the areas arts, athletics, trade skills, and agriculture.


One of Robert's main focuses will be partnering with state and federal agencies to increase access to Broadband and Internet services for the more rural parts of our southern region. Robert will also work to ensure that our South Fulton cities get their fair share of transportation and infrastructure dollars to repair local streets, roads, and sidewalks. 

Enhance Senior Services

Robert is passionate about ensuring that we increase the quality of the senior services across Fulton County. This includes reducing call line wait times, increases accessibility to small home repairs, and getting our seniors back into regular scheduled programming as soon as possible. Robert will also prioritize the building of a  Senior Multipurpose Facility in South Fulton County.  

Prioritizing our Employees

Our Fulton County employees are the life-blood

of this county. As someone who began his government career as an employee, Robert is a strong advocate for fair compensation and a great working environment for our employees. We need to ensure that our departments are adequately staffed and under competent management to ensure optimum service delivery to our constituents.

Empowering Our Non-Profits & Small Businesses

South Fulton County non-profits have consistently been the least funded in the County. Robert plans to work with various agencies to help provide technical assistance in non-profit formation, grant-writing, and organizational maintenance. Robert will also work to create workshops that teach entrepreneurial skills.

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